I love Thought Plan and would like to help out! What can I do?

Just by using Thought Plan you are already helping me a lot, so thanks for that! :) If you want to actively do something to help out beyond that, you can do one or more of the following:

Provide feedback and send bug reports

Feedback is always greatly appreciated. If there's something you find bothersome or if you come across any bugs, please tell me. If you have feature requests, post them here. Comment on other feature requests and vote. If you have any other ideas for Thought Plan that aren't necessarily feature requests, feel free to email me (maximilian.schmitt@googlemail.com) about it – I'd love to talk to you!

Spread the word

Tweet about Thought Plan on Twitter, tell your friends, your school, your project manager or anybody who you think would benefit from it for their work / personal stuff. Blog about it or tell other bloggers to check it out. If you're a blogger and are looking for high-quality graphics or other resources, email me (maximilian.schmitt@googlemail.com) and I'll send or make you something.

Send me a testimonial

A testimonial is something I can put on Thought Plan's website to show visitors how other users are using Thought Plan and that they enjoy it (hopefully ;)). If you would like to appear there, send me an email (maximilian.schmitt@googlemail.com) with your full name, the testimonial's content and a picture of yourself. Also, send me a link to your Twitter account, website or anything else and I'll link you back from Thought Plan's homepage.

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